About Us

We are a team of real estate tech experts, innovators and problem solvers, on a mission to help real estate professionals to adapt the latest workplace trends, with smart sensor solutions, data, and visibility into daily operations of an enterprise.

Leading enterprise customers around the world use SenzoLive to eliminate and optimize underperforming and underutilized workspace – for financial savings, employee productivity and positive workspace experience.


DEDICATION - We are dedicated to delivering secure and reliable occupancy optimization solutions across a wide variety of industries. We are passionate to helping our customers to create better places to work.


INNOVATION - Using IOT sensor data and advanced cloud analytics, SenzoLive solutions deliver valuable intelligence to help discover if your workplace is well optimized, both now and in the future. It enables Corporate Real Estate leaders to make smarter and faster decisions for real estate planning and management.


GLOBAL TEAM - SenzoLive is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, where R&D and product related functions are located, and has offices and team members across the globe, from Boston to Johannesburg to Singapore.

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